Cardboard Scratching Posts for Cats


There are many different types of cardboard scratching posts for your cat. Whether it’s a horizontal scratcher to discourage scratching or a sofa shaped scratcher to encourage lounging – there are many different types of scratchers available on the market.

Having a scratching post is pretty much essential for any indoor cat. They need an outlet to release there urge to scratch and sharpen their claws. You’ve probably experienced your cat scratching away at your carpet or scratching your leather couch – annoyed at the damage they caused, but it’s natural feline behavior to keep their claws sharp for hunting in the wild.

Just like how we clip our fingernails every so often, cat’s need to keep their claws sharp and pay regular attention. Corrugated cardboard are a good solution for your cat to scratch and keep their claws maintained. Corrugated cardboard are economic and environmental making them cheap to purchase and easy to dispose. Many first-time cat owners lean towards getting cardboard scratchers before committing to a more expensive alternative.

When purchasing cardboard cat scratchers, you should be aware of the different types of cardboard used when creating it. Flute-A cardboard is usually used creating the cheaper cardboard scratchers – you typically see this reflected in the price. Many first time cat scratcher buyers are put off of cardboard scratchers because of the mess it makes. Flute-A cat scratcher usually last about 6-8 weeks before they fall apart.

Flute-AB cardboard is sturdier and durable for your cat. You can tell from the uneven grooves that the cardboard is AB-Flute. The grooves are uneven making it uncomfortable for your cat to claw at.

Flute-B cardboard cat scratchers is much denser and solid compared to Flute-AB and Flute-A cardboard cat scratchers. They usually last about 6-12 months longer in comparison to the 6-8 weeks of Flute-A cat scratchers.

When purchasing cardboard cat scratchers it is important to be aware of the types of cardboard material it is made from. The price differences in a few dollars can increase the longevity of your pet furniture by 6-12 months. Check out our Scratching Post Buying guide to find the perfect one for your cat.

Written by Scott L. McNary

I was tired of my cat scratching up my couch, so I bought a cat scratcher. It was torn apart in 3 weeks. Now, I review cat scratchers so you don't have to declaw your cat.

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