AmazonBasics Cat Tree with Scratching Posts Review

If you’re looking for a simple and straightforward cat tree – the AmazonBasics Cat Tree is the product you’re looking for. Amazon has launched there AmazonBasic brand bringing good quality products at affordable prices and offering good value to their customers. You cats can enjoy the benefits of an outdoor tree while being in the safety of an indoor environment. The cat tree with scratching posts offers a good solution for cat owners everywhere looking to give their cats a place to scratch and sharpen there claws.


The AmazonBasics Cat Tree with Scratching Post comes in two different sizes. The small size (sized at 2.5 feet) is perfect to put beside the window or by the sliding door so your cat can enjoy the outdoor view. The large size is the more popular product as it’s frequently out of stock – I’d recommend you adding it to your wishlist so you get notifications when it is available.


Made from compressed wood and carpeted surfaces, your cat will be enticed to scratch and claw at this product to help shed the outer layers of there claws. Designed with durability in mind, the material from this product was built to last long. If you have a larger cat I would recommend getting a larger cat tree that fits your cat. If you’re planning to save a few bucks and purchase the small cat tree, it might break overtime and cost you more money in replacement costs in the long run.


The square-shaped base provides stability – preventing it from tipping over. Also accommodates one small cat or a couple of kittens at a time.

The round-shaped platform at the top features sides with a curved top rim for added comfort. Doubles nicely as a cat lounger or bed and provides a great sleeping space for your little cat to hangout and gaze outside the window.

Assembly is required for this product like most cat trees on the market. If you’re looking for something a bit more simpler you can consider looking into getting a cardboard cat scratcher.

Small2.5 feet12"Check on Amazon
Large4.2 feet18"Check on Amazon


Written by Scott L. McNary

Scott L. McNary

I was tired of my cat scratching up my couch, so I bought a cat scratcher. It was torn apart in 3 weeks. Now, I review cat scratchers so you don't have to declaw your cat.