Buyers Guide: Choosing the Best Cat Scratcher

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When it comes to your lovely little felines, there are a lot of things they make a habit. Scratching stuff to sharpen their claws is one of them, and it’s an essential act for any cat that hasn’t been de-clawed. Usually outdoor cats can use anything around, like a tree or even fence posts – but for indoor cats, they’re going to need the best cat scratcher. If you don’t provide them with one, they’re going to scratch other things like expensive furniture; that’s obviously something we would all like to avoid!


In order to do so, you’ve got to supply your pet with the proper product out there. It’s a natural thing for cats to be doing (when talking about sharpening their claws), and there’s really nothing we can do to stop it. We shouldn’t be trying to, anyways!  When you’re looking at the abundance of scratching posts to pick from for your indoor cat, you must know what makes these products great. Failing to do so could result in the purchase of a low-quality scratching post, which is never a good thing. The best possible choices not only offer up creative and unique designs, but they’re also built to withstand loads of scratching punishment from your cats as well.

We wanted to make things easier on you, so we put together a list of things you should look for in the best cat scratcher money can buy – not only that, but we give you a few suggestions when it comes to the top tier options.

What exactly is a Cat Scratcher?

A cat scratcher is something that you place in your home, allowing your cats to sharpen their claws on the specially designed product. It’s usually in post form, allowing the cats to mimic the act of sharpening their claws on a tree (like the outside cats do). It’s the most natural motion for cats to be sharpening their claws with, and felines are always worried about keeping their claws sharp; which means you’ve got to worry about keeping your furniture intact. The posts themselves come in an abundance of different shapes and sizes, but they’re a relatively affordable solution to problematic cats and their claws.

The Benefits of a Cat Scratcher:


The benefits are obvious: you’ll never need to worry about your furniture being ruined. Not only that, but the cats themselves are going to be much happier as well. If you’re a first-time cat owner, there are a lot of things to learn when it comes to scratching posts – the most major benefit would be the fact that you’re not ruining furniture, but what else could there be? Carpets, doors and other kinds of wooden items would be much safer, but the cat needs this natural activity to lead a happy life.

Some of the other benefits that your cat would make use of through a scratching post would be:

  • Having the ability to stretch their muscles
  • Allows them to relieve stress and anxiety
  • Lets them easily remove the outer layer of nail that they shed
  • Helps them trim their nails
  • Combines sharpening and stretching into one, creating a euphoric experience all around!

It isn’t just to save your furniture, but to benefit your furry family member as well. It’s a win-win situation, because you don’t need to buy a new couch every 2 years and your cat gets the enjoy living with sharpened claws.

What Style of Post is Best?

There are 3 different kinds of posts to be considered, and each one has a unique set of features to offer up. These three different types are made from different materials, with those materials being: sisal rope, carpet and corrugated/heavy duty cardboard. That leaves the question; which one is the best one to buy? There are a few factors to consider beforehand, which we’re going to check out.


Sisal Rope – The sisal rope is made from rope/waveform, and is much more expensive than the carpet posts. There are a few inexpensive sisal rope options out there, but they aren’t real; so that kind of defeats the purpose. If you wanted to get a post that would stick around for a long time, this is the type you’d shoot for.

Carpet – The cheapest of the bunch, the type of cat scratcher consists of a cheaper material. You’ll have a lot more selection to choose from with this type, and you can even make it a piece of home décor – the designs they create for these are fantastic! They tend to wear out quickly, though.

Corrugated Cardboard – The final of the three types would be cardboard, which is the least expensive and offers the shortest life span. If you go with this type, there is obviously a lot of styles to pick from, but cats may cause a mess when they start to really get at the post. If you know the cats like to stretch much more than scratch, you can go with corrugated cardboard.

Choosing the Best Cat Scratcher:

It’s a tough market to navigate, which is why it’s always nice to have a few recommendations. Some of the ones we look at here I’ve used on a personal basis, so don’t be afraid to test them out! We’ve narrowed down some of the best cat scratchers on the market for you to choose from.

There are different types of cat scratching posts available in these days market, but some are good to buy and others are not worth for your money. At the same time, one person should differ from others in terms of needs of cat scratching post. So, we have gathered available top rated cat scratching posts with information and features to find what makes one better than another and pick the best choice for your cats.

Cat Scratcher Cardboard by Feline Be Mine

This is a cat scratching post that is offered up by a reputable company in Feline Be Mine, and it’s one of the easiest ways to ensure that your home will be safe from unwanted cat scratching. It’s not only a scratching post, but a lounger as well! Built for comfort, the cardboard inside is 100% recyclable. It also offers up:


  • An elegant look for your home
  • Comfort for your feline friend
  • Comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • Made with an attractive and ergonomic design, encouraging cats to use it

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Premium Cat Scratcher by Feline Be Mine

Another unique cat scratching post, this one features the use of heavy-duty construction. Your cats won’t be able to tear it apart with ease, meaning you’ll be able to keep it around for quite a long time! Regardless of whether your cat is small or big, it’s still a useful option. I recommended this one because it offers these benefits:


  • 100% eco-friendly and recyclable box
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee (as well as money back guarantee)
  • A healthy and fun way for your cats to scratch
  • Offers enough support/balance for your cat to scratch
  • Doesn’t cost too much money!

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Ollieroo Small Cat Tree Sisal Scratching Post

This scratcher is made for only small indoor cats and not suits for big sized cats. However, it gives an excellent place for your cat to sleep on top of the scratcher and play with it. The sisal scratching post is offered by Ollieroo in the size of 11”L, 14”W and 17.4”H. Apart from that, it also includes the following features for considering to buy this post.


  • This is warped with a soft plush fabric
  • It comes with a dangling pom-pom toy for your cat to play
  • It is very easy to set up this post within seconds
  • It is packed with everything you need including tools and instructions
  • It is made with durable high-quality faux fur and natural sisal rope
  • This is available in 4 different colors such as Beige, Brown, Paw Print, and Gray.

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SmartCat Cat Climber

This SmartCat Cat Climber gives an excellent place for your cat to play well and they can do stretching, exercises, climbing and sleeping. So, your cat will get everything in a single cat climber. You can place this climber on any standard door in your home and it also suits for smaller homes with doors. This kind of scratcher is also called as a traditional cat tree. Your cat will get the following features from this post.


  • It is designed with natural sisal materials for scratching
  • It is very easy to move from one room to another by using spring loaded bracket system
  • It is very easy to assemble this tree
  • It easily fits for 79 to 82 inches door at the home
  • It will work for more years
  • It helps to save space in a home

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PetFusion Ultimate Cat Scratcher Lounge

PetFusion Ultimate cat scratcher is designed to give 2 features in a single product, so it acts as a cat scratcher and lounge. This is a custom made scratcher for a cat to enjoy playing, scratching and lounging around. When you pay for this scratcher, your cat will get a comfortable place to take a rest and as well as a perfect item for scratching. At the same time, this is available in a stylish design to make a better home décor. If you want to know more about this cat scratcher, then here is a list of features of this product.


  • It attracts cats by its natural design
  • It offers an excellent place to play and take rest
  • It is made with superior cardboard, so you will get long lasting lounge for your cat
  • It is packed with 6 months of warranty period

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SUCK UK Cat Playhouse Series

This scratch board gives a perfect house for your cat to play and furniture to exercise, mark their territory, and scratching. It comes with a flat placed, but it is very easy to assemble this kit for a cat. Instead of worrying about your furniture at home, it is best to spend some money on this playhouse series to allocate space for scratching and playing. Some of the features of this cardboard are as follows:


  • It is very easy to assemble
  • It comes with full instructions to assemble the kit
  • It features a fun distraction for your cats
  • It comes with spinnable deck and poseable arm

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KONG Naturals Incline Scratcher Cat Toy

The scratcher posts offered by KONG naturals are ecologically responsible because materials used on this cat toy are derived from natural and renewable resources. This cat toy is mainly designed for indoor cats and it also satisfies your cat’s natural scratching instincts.


  • It’s a unique no-mess scratcher pad
  • It is made with low mess design
  • It uses environmentally friendly materials and recyclable too
  • It is reversible to extend the use

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At last, the cat scratchers are the best thing to fulfill the needs of your cats and also saving your belongings too. With the plenty of options on the shapes, sizes, and materials used on the scratching post, you must have some reason to buy anyone that loved by your cats and as well as fits for them. Choosing the best cat scratcher can be exhausting but, I hope from this section with a guide for buying cat scratching posts and top rated product reviews, you should come to know everything you need to make a right choice for your cats.