Everything you need to know about Cardboard Cat Scratchers

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Cardboard Cat Scratchers: Keep Your Cat Happy and Healthy

If you have a cat at home, you must be aware of its scratching behavior. Don’t worry, as it’s normal for cats to scratch. They find it as a way to shape their claws. The scratching behavior in cats is a way to show that they belong to this place and they have a right. Moreover, scratching helps remove dead layers present on their claws. Cats scratch because they love it, they feel good, they feel like they are exercising and this behavior normally gives them relief.

However, whenever they scratch furniture or an object, their claws leave behind a mark which is unique and irreversible. If you want to keep your furniture safe and prevent it from being damaged due to your cat’s scratching, you must buy a cardboard cat scratcher.

A cardboard cat scratcher is very helpful for keeping your cat satisfied and protecting your furniture, carpet, and household safe. This post is all about a cardboard cat scratcher.

What Are the Benefits of a Cardboard Cat Scratcher?

There are many benefits of using a cardboard cat scratcher. By providing it to your cat, you will allow it to relax and pass a good time instead of ruining your furniture and carpet. Following are the main benefits of a cardboard cat scratcher:

Protection of Your Belongings

One important reason to buy a cardboard cat scratcher is that it will divert your cat’s attention from your furniture and carpet. Many people have decided to leave their pet cats because they don’t want their furniture and household getting ruined by them. However, the simplest thing to do is to buy your cat a cardboard cat scratcher so that it can relax and have fun. As a cat owner, you shouldn’t think that your cat is bad. No cat is bad; they just need to be tackled wisely.


Scratching is an important part of a cat’s behavior, and no cat should be punished for that. It is a type of exercise for cats, and they need to do it many times in a day. A cat scratches to strengthen its claws, back, shoulders, and chest and to release its emotional and physical stress. If your cat has a particular cardboard for this purpose, it will gain more confidence and show fewer behavior problems such as aggressiveness. If the cardboard scratcher is tall enough, it will even allow the cat to stretch and keep its muscles healthy and fit.


A cardboard cat scratcher is the most convenient way to handle your cat’s scratching behavior. Cats always look for something to scratch, and when they get something conveniently, they will not get aggressive. Make sure that the scratcher is easily accessible by the cat so that it doesn’t roam around and look for something else. If you have a multiple story house, keep a cardboard scratcher on each floor so that your cat doesn’t have to visit all floors.

Claw Health

Scratching is very healthy for cats as it helps maintain their claws’ health and hygiene. Their claws have layers which die frequently and should be removed for proper health. By scratching, cats can easily shed the dead layers from their claws so that their claws remain shinier, healthier, and fully functional.

Reduction in Stress

Scratching and digging claws into a post with the right kind of fiber will make your cat relaxed and comfortable. Cats scratch to satisfy themselves, so getting the right kind of scratch board will make them happy and healthy. A cardboard scratcher can contribute to keeping your cat healthy, confident, and relaxed all day.


If there is more than one cat in the house, a scratch board can also act as a way of communication between them. When they scratch, a sound is produced which the other cat can take as a message. Cats also use the scent glands in their claws to mark their territory and to communicate with other cats.

Easy Training

With a scratch board, it is very easy to train your cat. A cat will quickly learn that it has been given a cardboard cat scratcher for scratching. This lesson for cats is the easiest one to teach as scratching is a natural part of their behavior. A cat is very smart and full of emotions, and it will learn to scratch the post in no time.

Fewer Behavior Problems

A cardboard cat scratcher has been found to reduce aggression and other behavioral problems in cats. As a cat owner, it will be very pleasing for you to see your cat well-mannered, happy, and satisfied. Moreover, there will be fewer medical bills if your cat is healthy and happy.

Better Than Condos

Cardboard cat scratchers are cheaper than cat condos or cat towers and are versatile too. If you decide to make a cat condo yourself, it will be more affordable, but cardboard is readily available at an affordable price, and you don’t need to work hard for it either.

Makes Finding Your Cat Easier

You can also use a cardboard cat scratcher to find your lost cat. If your cat is lost at home, you know where to find it. Look for the place where you have put the scratch board as it may be busy scratching it. If your cat has run away from the house, you can place its favorite cardboard outside your house or in the garden. Cats love to scratch boards, so when your pet sees its marked territory, it will return home.

What Are the Different Types of Cardboard Cat Scratchers?

There are many different types of cardboard cat scratchers, and they serve different purposes too. Some cardboards are expensive, while others are very affordable, but overall the price is not too high and can be afforded by everyone. You will find a good variety of cardboards made up of different materials, but you should make an informed decision as to which suits you and your cat the best. Following are the main types of a cardboard cat scratcher:

Horizontal Cardboard

The horizontal cardboard scratchers allow the cat to maintain its claw health by scratching them. These surfaces allow the cat to mark its territory and release its stress. Instead of scratching the carpets, your cat will scratch these cardboards to perform various types of stretching exercises.

Vertical Cardboards

Vertical cardboards resemble tree trunks, and they serve as a very convenient way to handle your cat’s scratching behavior. If your cat loves to scratch your furniture and vertical objects, you should buy it a vertical cardboard. With this type, your pet can also perform various pull and stretch exercises by standing, and it can also work on its hindquarter muscles. By stretching and squatting against a vertical surface, your cat will have fun and be able to release all its stress and frustration.

Angled Cardboards

Angled cardboards are also very common, and they provide an excellent surface for scratching. Cats love exploring such cardboards, and they will try them inside out to scratch with a different angle. If your cat loves to scratch on a carpet or rug, you should buy it a horizontal or angled cardboard scratcher.

Flute Cardboards

A flute cardboard is the cheapest one and can be destroyed easily. Therefore, if you want something for your cat to have fun with for a few weeks, this cardboard is the perfect choice for you. These types of cardboards will be destroyed easily, but you can buy them frequently because of their affordability.

Corrugated Cardboards

A corrugated cardboard cat scratcher are more durable than flute cardboard and is easily scratchable. These cardboards also have a longer lifespan than flute and are available in many different types. You can try these cardboards, and if your cat loves them, she will stick to them. Though these cardboards create a mess after being scratched, cats find them fun to play with.

How to Choose the Best Cardboard Cat Scratcher

Choosing the best cardboard cat scratcher is a confusing task as you need to consider a lot of factors. If you don’t have much knowledge regarding these cardboards, you will end up buying lots of them which can cause you a waste of money. You have to buy the one that appeals to your cat the most so that it loves scratching it. Following should be the factors you need to consider:


When you look for the best cardboard material for your cat, you will find a wide variety. Many of the cardboards are designed to be attractive, while some are more useful than others. Cats always prefer a material that shreds when they scratch. They want to make a mark to show their territory, and for this purpose, they try to find an object that shreds and on which the marks show up clearly. Sisal fabric is ideal for scratching, and cats love to scratch it. Cardboards wrapped with a sisal fabric will be very pleasing for your cat as it shreds very easily. Corrugated cardboard is also a perfect one for the same reason.


Cats need a sturdy and stable material for scratching. If the cardboard is wobbly, your cat will not use it. That’s the reason why cats scratch chairs and couches because they feel they are stable. An unstable cardboard may flip over and slide, which will be very annoying for your cat. If you provide your cat with a vertical and unstable cardboard, it will flip over and your cat will get scared of it. Therefore, always look for cardboards that are stable and have wide and strong bases.

Noise Production

A noisy cardboard cat scratcher is very pleasing for cats. Materials like sisal and corrugated cardboards produce great noise, and cats love scratching them. The satisfying noise produced by scratching these cardboards will make your cat jump with joy, and it will love to pass the time with such a scratch board.

Type of Cardboard

Cardboards are available in different types as discussed earlier. According to the grade and quality, they can be divided into three main types. The cheapest grade of cardboard is the A-flute, which gets destroyed easily by cat scratches. These cardboards are the ones that are normally used for storage and packaging as they are very affordable. The other grade of cardboard is the AB-flute which is of medium quality and is denser and more durable than the A-flute one. The most durable and best quality of cardboards is the B-flute grade. These cardboards are the densest of all and are the most long-lasting ones.


Cardboard cat scratchers can have a rough and soft surface both. A rough surface will provide good resistance when scratched, and a cat will love this. A cardboard wrapped or weaved with a sisal fabric will resemble the material of a tree trunk and give a similar satisfaction to a cat. A rough surface allows the cats to mark their territory, take out stress and aggression, clean their layers of nails, and have fun.

On the other hand, a soft surface such as a corrugated one resembles the roots and soft barks of trees. Soft surfaces allow cats to clean their nails more deeply and to scratch and shred the surface as much as they want.


Cardboard cat scratches are usually not very expensive and are easily affordable. The A-flute ones are the cheapest, while the AB and B-flutes cost more. Cat scratching boards are heavy, so their only real cost is the shipping cost. Adding some more money can let you buy the best quality cardboard which can last longer. The cheaper ones are not durable, and they create a lot of mess when scratched. The denser ones are more expensive, but they can make your cat happier too.


Cats need more variety of scratching surfaces to take out their frustration and to play. Therefore, if you can, buy more than one cardboard for your pet to enjoy. Make sure that the scratchers have different shapes and styles so that your cat feels occupied and satisfied. You can place the scratch boards at various places so that they are accessible to your cat.

Where Should I Place the Cardboard Scratcher?

Some spots in the house are more appealing to cats than others. You can place a cat scratcher near your pet’s litter box so that it can scratch and clean its nails after it has finished using the litter box. You can also place the cardboard where your cat previously used to scratch a lot. For example, if your cat used to scratch a specific area of the carpet, put a horizontal post over it so that the cat knows this is the alternative. If your cat used to scratch your furniture, you can place a vertical cardboard there to let your cat know that this is the new thing for it.

You can also place a cardboard next to your cat’s feeding bowl to keep it relaxed and happy. Another idea is to place it at surprising spots in the house. Using an angled position to keep the cardboard is also another way to go.

You can also get an angled cardboard or if it is a horizontal one, place some object beneath it to make it inclined. Angled scratch boards provide different positions to the cat for scratching, and it will love to spend its time scratching them. These cardboards are also ideal to be placed in small places as they are compact and can fit everywhere.

How to Clean a Cardboard Cat Scratcher?

To keep your cat’s scratcher well-maintained, you should clean it regularly. Cleaning a cardboard is very simple. All you have to do is use a cleaning brush and use it on the cardboard’s surface to remove all the dust, dirt, and shreds. You can also spray the cardboard with a disinfectant to keep insects away. Cleaning it once or twice a week is enough for a scratching board.

Are Cardboard Scratchers Suitable for All Cats?

Though scratching boards can be provided to all types and breeds of cats, there are some considerations regarding the age and medical condition of a cat. Cats, like humans, get tired easily if they are old or sick. Therefore, old cats can’t handle too much stretching and exercises as compared to the young ones, and the same goes for sick cats. An older cat doesn’t get attracted to toys and scratch boards easily either.

However, if you want to keep your old cat busy, you can provide it with a scratch board to make its life more interesting. Just make sure that your cat doesn’t scratch for too long or else it can hurt itself.

Also, a declawed cat can’t scratch the cardboard because it doesn’t have sharp claws to dig into the board. Therefore, it’s a better idea not to get a cardboard scratcher for it, but even if you do, try to make sure it’s one that can be easily destroyed.

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