Why Do I Need to Buy Cardboard Cat Scratchers?

One of the natural activities of cats is scratching the wooden materials to sharpen their claws. In addition to that, scratching of cats is a kind of stretching or exercise and cats loves to do it. In order to do it, cats use wooden materials available in your home like furniture, curtains, doors, and so on. But, it will result in damaged furniture and you need to spend a lot of money to replace it to maintain a home décor. Therefore, it is best to buy cardboard cat scratchers to avoid this problem. Why do I need to buy a cardboard scratcher? Keep scrolling to know!!

Why do I need to buy cardboard cat scratchers?

why-do-i-need-to-buy-cardboardTo design scratcher for cats, the manufacturer uses different materials such as sisal rope, carpet and cardboard and then why I need to buy cardboard cat scratchers? What are the benefits associated with it? This is because each material has its own up and downsides. Compared with those things, it is best to choose cardboard. When it comes to the scratcher made with sisal rope, it requires more money than cardboard and carpet. But, this is high-quality materials and also a long lasting material too.

When look another material called carpet, which is available at an affordable price, but not sturdy and durable. Yes, it will come only for few years and your cat also not get enough support and balance from scratcher for stretching. These are some of the positive and negative sides of sisal rope and carpet materials.

Cardboard Cat Scratchers:

buy-cardboard-cat-scratchersCompared with sisal rope and carpet, the scratcher made with cardboard is very least expensive and anyone can able to buy this scratcher without worrying about money. At the same time, you will get only less life span, but it worth for your money. All cats just need a thing for scratching and people don’t interest to spend more money for scratchers. So, no one prefers to buy a scratcher pad made with sisal rope.

On the other hand, carpet doesn’t give better life span, but you need to spend some extra money than cardboard. It doesn’t give strong enough supports and quality of the surface, then investing on the carpet is a waste of money. Therefore, cardboard is best to use and most of the people prefer this material only and cats also enjoy with this pad too. There are different styles and colors of cardboard available on the market. So, you can choose anyone that matches with your home décor.

If you highly concern about your home décor, then cardboard should meet all your needs with less money. However, cats should mess up the scratches, so you need to replace it after some period of time. In this case, cardboard saves more money on scratching pad. Therefore, cardboard will helps you to fulfill needs of your cat and keeps them happy always by saving a lot of money with other options. These are the reasons why you need to buy cardboard scratcher pad.

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