How Do I Keep My Cat From Scratching My Couch?

Stop Cats Scratching Furniture

Chances are when you get a new leather couch or a brand new carpet you purchased, you may notice your cat trying to claw at it. Scratching is a normal behavior for cats and new furniture is tempting for them to claim as their own. Cats have a strong urge to scratch constantly to keep their claws sharp as it helps with catching prey and keeping balance. Despite your attempts to discourage them scratching away, their cat scratching behavior is enviable. Here are some solutions you can consider to solve this problem.

Cat Scratch Loungers

Cat Scratchers come in different shapes and sizes and are a good solution for your scratchy cat. Cat Scratchers are usually made from Sisal, carpet and/or corrugated cardboard. If you decide to get a free standing scratching pole, make sure you purchase a heavy one so it doesn’t tip over when your cat climbs on it. Make sure the scratcher is long enough for our cat to fully scratch with their body stretched out. Cardboard Cat Scratchers are usually cheaper than Cat Condos and Cat Trees. Depending on your cat your cat might prefer to scratch vertically, while other cats may enjoy scratching horizontally.

Cat Sprays

Cat Spray Deterrent is an effective tool to discourage your cat to scratch at certain areas. By spraying in the area you want protected, the scent will deter the cat to scratch in that area. Depending on the cat, some cats will completely avoid the area while others will stop scratching the surface. Be sure to purchase Cat Deterrent that doesn’t stain your furniture, since that’s the last thing you need after all the hard work protecting your furniture. Most Cat Sprays are Child and Plant safe, but ensure that no harsh chemicals are used in production. Cat Sprays are a good alternative to prevent cat markings and scratching your furniture.


Declawing is the most discouraged option out of the three. It is outlawed in many countries in the world as it is considered inhumane – if humans we’re declawed it would be the same as cutting off their fingers. Once a cat is declawed, their claws will never grow back. They have a hard time balancing without their claws and may even act bitter and cold since they don’t have their claws for defense.

There are many solutions to discourage your cat from marking your furniture. When you realize that your cat scratching is a natural behavior, it’s easier to find a solution for your cat and furniture.