What’s the best Cat Scratcher for first time cat owners?

When I first got my cat, I was exciting to have a pet keep me company daily. On an emotional level, having a pet with you helps reduce stress and anxiety. After a while, your cat will start growing on you and scratch away at your furniture. Today I’m going to talk about how to choose the best cardboard scratcher for your cat.

Cats love to scratch at rigid surfaces since they need to maintain their claws sharpness. As the outer layer of their claw sheds they will scratch away at almost anything they find sturdy – which is why you find your cat always scratching at the walls, carpet and couch.

As a first time cat owner, choosing the best cardboard cat scratcher can be pretty overwhelming considering the different designs and choices you have in the market place. There are many factors to keep in mind when buying an scratcher.


Depending on the kind of pet you have you want to get one that’s right for your cat. Some of the more active cats might want an interactive or vertical cat scratcher. Older cats that aren’t as active would prefer horizontal cat scratchers that encourage lounging. When shopping for cat scratchers you want to make sure that the designs of them promotes what you want your cat to do.

Type of Corrugated Cardboard

You might find yourself questioning why some scratchers are significantly cheaper than other ones. A quick filter when shopping online will show you the cheapest option, but cheapest might not always means best value. When looking for your cardboard cat scratcher, you want to make sure that the scratcher is created from either flute A or flute AB cardboard. Any other cardboard lower in quality your cat scratcher will be destoryed by the third week you have it. Cat Scratchers that are priced low with a flat design are typically created from Flute-B cardboard, while the bigger ones are more durable and are created from Flute-A cardboard.

Here are a few reviews of cardboard scratchers I’ve encountered.

KONG Naturals Incline Scratcher Cat Toy

Kong Cat Scratcher

This scratcher is designed with an incline to encourage scratching and comes with an interactive toy in the box. In theory, this product is really engaging and should provide hours of fun. But, it broke apart after a few days of use.

Ideal for smaler cats and kittens since the weight of the cat won’t collapse down on the scratcher when clawing away at the cardboard. The quality of the cardboard seems to be cheaper compared to other scratchers. When I bought the product, my cat initially smelt it and walked away disinterested. After sprinkling a bit of cat nip on the product, I was able to attract my cat to the product.


I found that once the cardboard collapse inwards my cat made it her own bed. The only thing I didn’t like about it is now having a hideous destroyed cat scratcher sitting in the corner. I ended up throwing it out after a month of it lying around.

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Feline Be Mine Kitty Couch Cat Scratcher

Feline Be Mine Kitty CouchDesigned as a cat sofa, it is created from durable cardboard and doesn’t shred to pieces like other scratchers. It measures 24″ wide and 11″ long perfect for almost any sized cat. The elevated hand rest work well for the cats to rest there paws and head, while the back of the sofa acts a protection for the cat.


Hanging out on the Kitty CouchWhen I purchased the Kitty Couch it came with a package of catnip to sprinkle on the sofa. As I opened the packaging, my female cat was immediately interested. The catnip really attracted my cat and encouraged her to scratch at her own sofa. I knew she would love the scratching part but was pleasantly surprised at how much she liked lounging on top. I loved seeing her so happy with her gift. It’s back by a 100% satisfaction guarantee, so I’m able to send it back if I’m not happy with it.


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Feline Be Mine Kitty Interactive Cat Box Scratcher

box-cat-scratcher-feline-be-mineThis cat scratcher was created with an interactive design in mind – keeping your cats busy with hours of fun. It has jingle balls inside the scratcher that your cat can paw at while the top surface encourages scratching when it is stressed. The cat scratcher is originally packaged with catnip so it can be sprinkled with and attract the cats.

cat-box-scratcher-feline-be-mineThe cardboard quality is is thick and sturdy so it last longer than the other scratchers. If you have an active cat that loves to play at night I’d suggest you putting away this toy before you sleep so the jingle balls won’t wake you up in the middle of the night, Otherwise your cat will be up all night trying to figure out how to get the balls out of the scratcher.

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